Pathways of the mind

Pathways of the mind is Olya’s attempt to capture the scenes that are only ever seen in
the realm of the dream.  Her paintings draw her audience into the magical and surreal
wonders of her dreamscapes.  We journey through pathways bathed in the iridescent
glow of a moonlit evening and stroll through the majestic glow of a sunlit afternoon.  
They are landscapes whose dawns capture the innocence and purity of a new day while
her dusks are filled with the power and energy of passion.
The dreamline state of Olya’s landscapes is captured by both her use of undefined
shapes that meld into each other as well as by her use of metallic tones.  The high sheen
gloss that is the finishing touch in all her works evokes the sensation of a looking glass; a
reflection of our deepest hopes and inspirations that are experienced only in our dreams.  
After all, “a dream is a wish your heart makes, when you’re fast asleep”.
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